Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

The first all-women and non-binary students' hackathon in Western Mass!

HackHer413 has ended for 2019 — Thanks for coming and see you next year!

What a Success!

HackHer413 took place on February 9th and 10th of 2019. We had over 300 students, volunteers, sponsors and mentors come together to empower women and non-binary students learn and grow in tech. Thank you to all who came, and we cannot wait to see what will happen in future years!

Our Sponsors

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Our Partners

Meet the Team

Katie House, HackHer413 Director

Katie House

HackHer413 Director

Shreya Sharma, HackHer413 Assistant Director

Shreya Sharma

HackHer413 Assistant Director

Sarah Manlove, Head of Technology and Operations

Sarah Manlove

Head of Technology & Operations

Disha Srivastava, Head of Sponsorship

Disha Srivastava

Head of Sponsorship

Risa Kim, Head of Finance

Risa Kim

Head of Finance

Alicia Bochnak, Head of Marketing

Alicia Bochnak

Head of Marketing

Shreya Sawant, Head of Internal Outreach

Shreya Sawant

Head of Internal Outreach

Reetika Roy, Co-Head of External Outreach

Reetika Roy

Co-Head of External Outreach

Victoria Okoro, Co-Head of External Outreach

Victoria Okoro

Co-Head of External Outreach

Vindhya Rachur, Head of Hardware

Vindhya Rachur

Head of Hardware

Nila Abirami Sadeeshkumar, Head of Volunteers

Nila Abirami Sadeeshkumar

Head of Volunteers

Ishan Khatri, HackUMass Director

Ishan Khatri

HackUMass Director