Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

The first all-women and non-binary students' hackathon in Western Mass!

February 9 - 10, 2019 — UMass Amherst

Our Mission

HackHer413 is a hackathon for women and nonbinary students hosted at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Over the course of 24 hours, hackathon participants are encouraged to learn new skills, network, and build something that they are passionate about. This student-run hackathon aims to help increase diversity in the tech industry. We hope you can join us!

Hackathons Provide Endless Possibilities

Bee with code snippet


Attend Workshops

Share knowledge

Get help from mentors

Learn from professionals

Grow your skillset

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Discover new industries

Meet students from other majors

Roam the beautiful UMass campus

Get acquainted with new technologies

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Build something new

Solve real-world problems

Create your own software

Be proud of what you’ve accomplished

What Makes Us Different

HackHer413’s mission to increase diversity in the tech industry will be present throughout our entire event. Our goal manifests into three categories: empowering, connecting, and inspiring students. From start to finish, here’s how HackHer413 will embody these goals.

Unique Opportunities to Connect

Interested in talking to mentors about their career paths? Take a break from your hack and join us for Coffee With Mentors! Throughout the hackathon, we’ll have a space (and provide coffee and snacks!) where participants can sit down and talk to mentors about anything, ranging from advice to the mentor’s career to their favorite programming language!

Speech Bubbles
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Empowering with Workshops and Resources

Being a beginner at a Hackathon can be intimidating. To combat this, we’re creating a Beginner Track! This track provides a schedule full of suggested workshops, events, and resources for beginners to make the most of the 24-hours.

Inspiring Students Throughout

Impostor Syndrome is real. We will have a round table event called Real Talk for anyone to come and share their experience in tech! We will discuss not only the amazing feats by people in the industry but also brainstorm ways to improve inclusivity in the tech world.


What to Expect


A hackathon is an invention marathon. Students come together to build cool software & hardware creations over 24 hours. It’s very beginner friendly.

Nothing. Attending a hackathon is free!

Yes. Only students who are currently enrolled at a college/university or have graduated in the last 12 months are eligible to attend.

Yes! You are able to apply as a volunteer. Volunteers will still have full access to the event in exchange for helping out. However, they will not be eligible to submit hacks for prizes.

The event is being hosted at UMass Amherst in the Integrated Learning Center (ILC).

We will be announcing if we will be offering buses or reimbursements by the end of November. Check our social media for updates!

Honeybees operate in colonies where all the worker bees are female - from the nurse bees to the battle/warrior bees. We thought it was a good representation of women working hard and working together to solve problems!

Major League Hacking is the official student hackathon league in North America & Europe. We work with over 200 Member Events and empower over 70,000 students every year.

Yes there is. We enforce it very strongly. You can find it here.

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Our Sponsors

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Our Partners

Meet the Team

Katie House, HackHer413 Director

Katie House

HackHer413 Director

Shreya Sharma, HackHer413 Assistant Director

Shreya Sharma

HackHer413 Assistant Director

Sarah Manlove, Head of Technology and Operations

Sarah Manlove

Head of Technology & Operations

Disha Srivastava, Head of Sponsorship

Disha Srivastava

Head of Sponsorship

Risa Kim, Head of Finance

Risa Kim

Head of Finance

Alicia Bochnak, Head of Marketing

Alicia Bochnak

Head of Marketing

Shreya Sawant, Head of Internal Outreach

Shreya Sawant

Head of Internal Outreach

Reetika Roy, Co-Head of External Outreach

Reetika Roy

Co-Head of External Outreach

Victoria Okoro, Co-Head of External Outreach

Victoria Okoro

Co-Head of External Outreach

Vindhya Rachur, Head of Hardware

Vindhya Rachur

Head of Hardware

Nila Abirami Sadeeshkumar, Head of Volunteers

Nila Abirami Sadeeshkumar

Head of Volunteers